Sunday 24th September, the ballet school held the second part of the Details and Delicacies retreat, alongside Anita McBriar. Set in an idyllic and quiet countryside ballet studio, immersed in nature, it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Our morning started with a gentle and slow Pilates class to warm up the body and begin focus on alignment and details required for later ballet sessions. We then moved in floorbarre, setting up key elements of classical ballet technique. The group was a lovely mix of absolute beginners and more experienced dancers and the slow classes allowed each person to focus on the detail required at their level.

Following Pilates and Floorbarre, we had a quick break and were treated to some gorgeous mid morning snacks, including mango chia pudding and energy balls, paired perfectly with a selection of speciality teas and freshly brewed coffee.

It was back to the studio for continuous barre, allowing us to carry all the elements we had focused on in our earlier morning sessions and solidify them at a faster pace whilst having the support of the barre. We then moved into the centre learning a short port de bras and finishing class with a more challenging en diagonale exercise, encompassing all elements from the morning.

We were rewarded with a nutritious and delicious lunch, provided by Gabriella Nicholson. Everything on the menu was locally sourced and seasonal, and carefully chosen to give a slow release of energy, which is exactly what we needed! The lunch menu included a mix of salads; autumn harvest salad, Asian cucumber salad, three sisters salad. Again, all paired with a selection of teas and freshly brewed coffee.

It was the most perfect retreat, and the most amazing way to spend a Sunday morning, resetting and reconnecting with nature and ourselves, ready for the week ahead.

Stay tuned for information about Details and Delicacies Part 3, taking place on Sunday 24th March 2024.