Adult Classes

Adult Classes – General

This class is open to both new learners and re-discoverers (those with some previous ballet experience). Ballet offers great conditioning for both mind and body, working as it does not only all the muscles from top to toe but honing your coordination, concentration and memory as you master new sequences and techniques. Ballet training tones, improves posture, and builds strength and suppleness.

Within a few short weeks you will feel the benefit, and hopefully have made some new friends into the bargain!

Repertoire Classes

Has watching dance inspired you to take to the dance floor, but you feel a bit of expert help is needed to hone your skills?

Our unique repertoire class gives you the opportunity to master your favourite ballet sequence from world renowned choreographers, by taking you through it step by step with our RAD qualified teachers.

We will discuss the pieces we will work on at the first class.

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RAD adult ballet syllabus.

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